[RADIATOR] TOTP authentication with Oracle

Denis PAVANI d.pavani at cineca.it
Thu Aug 2 12:07:41 UTC 2018


That was the problem!

Thank you very much.

Il 02/08/2018 12:35, Martin Mersberger ha scritto:
> Hi Denis,
>> I rebuilt google authenticator secret, scanning the QR code provided by
>> google, I checked the algorith (it seems to me SHA1 is the correct one)
>> and time synchronization between radius server and phone.
> Did you use the secret like used on google authenticator on Radiator DB
> backend?
> AFAIK, google auth keys are Base32 encoded while radiator uses hex
> encoding of the key.
> We do use TOTP alot (using sqlite backend) and after I figured the
> above, it was working without any issues (assuming time of token
> generator and server is in sync; Some Windows Phones had issue some time
> ago)
> cheers
>   Martin
> PS: http://tomeko.net/online_tools/base32.php?lang=en could be used to
> convert as well as
> perl -MConvert::Base32  -e 'print uc(unpack("H*", decode_base32("YOUR
> SECRET HERE")))."\n";'


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