[RADIATOR] TOTP authentication with Oracle

Denis PAVANI d.pavani at cineca.it
Thu Aug 2 08:50:22 UTC 2018

Thank you, now the behaviour is normal. The single quote is present in 
the goodies file, so you may want to correct it.

I was expecting everything to work but it seems the password is always 

I rebuilt google authenticator secret, scanning the QR code provided by 
google, I checked the algorith (it seems to me SHA1 is the correct one) 
and time synchronization between radius server and phone.

Any other suggestion due to your experience?

Thank you very much.


Il 01/08/2018 12:09, Heikki Vatiainen ha scritto:
> On 31/07/2018 11.54, Denis PAVANI wrote:
>> it seems better (no crashes) with versione 4.21, but still not working
> Hello Denis, your UpdateQuery has a trailing "'" (single quote) which 
> causes invalid SQL syntax.
> Thanks,
> Heikki


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