[RADIATOR] Another Class like attribute

Robert Blayzor rblayzor.bulk at inoc.net
Tue Nov 28 19:39:07 UTC 2017

Is it possible to have a AuthLog for a particular AuthBy rather than just in a Handler?

<AuthBy GROUP>
   Identifier GROUP1
   AuthByPolicy      ContinueUntilAccept
   AuthBy AUTH1
<AuthBy FILE>
   Identifier AUTH_DEFAULT
   Filename %D/default_users
   AuthLog FOO
<AuthLog SQL>
   Identifier      FOO
   DBSource        dbi:Pg:dbname=…
   SuccessQuery    INSERT INTO …. 
   LogSuccess      1
   LogFailure      0
   Timeout         2

The general idea is log successful auths only from one particular AuthBy… I do not want to log successes from other AuthBy’s in the group.

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