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Hello Christian,

I am using MySQL backend. Not seeing any timeout/delay for dbi connections.



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Hi Rohan,

On Mon, 31 Jul 2017, rohan.henry cwjamaica.com wrote:
> Thanks Hugh,
> We are considering additional VMs or radiator instances.

in some cases with a high latency backend adding additional processes can work wonders.

That is if the backend is able to keep up with the throughput but just has high latency.

There are several ways to intelligently increases parallelity in radiator.

I did not see any details on what exactly your are using radiator for and what kind of backends you are using.


> Regards,
> Rohan
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> Hello Rohan -
> In addition to this you should look at a trace 4 debug from Radiator with LogMicroseconds enabled.
> This will show you the timestamps for each processing step and you will see exactly where you are spending time.
> If your overall processing from Access-Request receive to Access-Accept being sent is say 50 milliseconds, it therefore follows that this instance will only be able to handle at most 20 requests per second.
> YMMV of course, and this depends greatly on how you have set up your overall system.
> BTW - I always recommend at the very least running separate instances for authentication and accounting.
> reagrds
> Hugh
>> On 27 Jul 2017, at 05:17, Heikki Vatiainen <hvn at open.com.au> wrote:
>> On 21.07.2017 17:59, rohan.henry cwjamaica.com wrote:
>>> How do I confirm or calculate the number of concurrent requests a single Radiator instance can handle?
>> It's hard to say how to calculate this. It depends on what the instance is configured to do. For example, if it has to proxy requests, you are likely going to be bounded by CPU performance. If there are database lookups, the instance may need to wait DB responses while its CPU utilisation stays low.
>>> How can I view stats to know when the instance is nearing capacity?
>> I'd watch CPU utilisation and UDP receive errors (netstat -u -s). The UDP receive errors increase if the receive buffer fills up and the kernel has to start dropping incoming Radius UDP messages.
>> If Radiator logs that it is receiving duplicate requests, this may indicate that the client is not getting responses as quickly as it needs (or the responses are dropped between Radiator and the client). The duplicates may indicate that there are problems handling the requests in timely manner.
>> Depending on your configuration there can be other indicators too, but the above should give a starting point.
>> Thanks,
>> Heikki
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