[RADIATOR] matching based on one value of an attribute multiple times in request

Tuure Vartiainen vartiait at open.com.au
Thu Jul 13 14:38:49 UTC 2017


> On 13 Jul 2017, at 15.56, Hartmaier Alexander <alexander.hartmaier at t-systems.at> wrote:
> On 2017-07-13 14:19, Tuure Vartiainen wrote:
>>> On 13 Jul 2017, at 13.59, Hartmaier Alexander <alexander.hartmaier at t-systems.at> wrote:
>>> I'm trying to build a solution to authorize users to log into devices
>>> based on their group membership in our NMS.
>>> We use ClientListSQL to generate the Client config blocks and I've used
>>> the OSC-Authorize-Group attribute for add the group id's to the request
>>> attributes like:
>>> OSC-Authorize-Group-123,OSC-Authorize-Group=456
>> should the line above be "OSC-Authorize-Group=123,OSC-Authorize-Group=456"?
> Yes, sorry for the typo!
>> So OSC-Authorize-Group attributes define group ids which are allowed to login
>> to that device?
> It's added metadata for the request which includes all groups the device
> is member of.
>>> A Handler for example matches on OSC-Authorize-Group=123, which works as
>>> long as the device is only member of this single group but not if in
>>> multiple like in the above example.
>> How is mapping to user groups done within a handler?
>> One option could be DynamicCheck which can be used for implementing a group check?
>> http://www.open.com.au/radiator/ref/DynamicCheck.html#DynamicCheck
> One handler per group, the AuthBy SQL only includes users authorized for
> that group of devices.
> The goal is to allow everybody in our team to modify the group
> membership through our NMS without any knowledge of Radiator or config
> change there.
> <Handler Client-Identifier=radius-proxy-1, OSC-Authorize-Group=123>

here’s a bit awkward way to configure a similar kind of a setup but 
by using only a one handler and DynamicCheck:

# 1. A pseudo attribute containing allowed groups is added in Client stanza
# 2. An extra AuthBy FILE with DEFAULT user is used to bind the pseudo attribute to GroupList check item
# 3. Actual AuthBy SQL is used for a group membership query and authentication

# Some client

    # Allow users belonging to groups 123 and 234
    AddToRequest OSC-Authorize-Group="123 234"

# AuthBy FILE for GroupList check item
<AuthBy FILE>
    Identifier AuthBy-FILE-Group-Check

    Filename %D/users-groups

# users-groups file contains a following line:
DEFAULT Auth-Type=AuthBy-SQL,GroupList=%{OSC-Authorize-Group}
# Auth-Type defines a next AuthBy to run and check items following 
# will be given as extra check items to that AuthBy

# AuthBy SQL doing group membership query and actual authentication
<AuthBy SQL>
    Identifier AuthBy-SQL


    DynamicCheck GroupList
    # Define a group membership SQL query
    GroupMembershipQuery SELECT id FROM usergroups WHERE group=? AND user=?
    # group’s name
    GroupMembershipQueryParam %1
    # username
    GroupMembershipQueryParam %0

# a default Handler
    Identifier Default-Handler

    # Run AuthBy FILE called 'AuthBy-FILE'
    AuthBy AuthBy-FILE


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