[RADIATOR] How to OR attributes for Handler selection

Amândio Antunes Gomes Silva amandio at scom.uminho.pt
Fri Feb 17 14:11:17 UTC 2017


You can use Perl regular expressions. Try <Handler Client-Identifier = /abuse|user/> (you can refine the regexp to  meet your needs).


Amândio Antunes

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Assunto: [RADIATOR] How to OR attributes for Handler selection


     Using commas you can use attributes in an AND way to select a handler, e.g. <Handler Client-Identifier=abuse, User-Name = user>.

     Is there a way to use attributes in an OR way? e.g. <Handler Client-Identifier=abuse OR User-Name = user>.
     If not then it would be a very handy feature to implement.

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