[RADIATOR] Copying OSC-Client-Identifier to Client-Identifier

Vangelis Kyriakakis vkyriak at forthnet.gr
Wed Dec 20 13:05:43 UTC 2017

Hi Tuure,

   Thanks for the answer.
   Actually I have a configuration where a RADIUS server receives some
requests directly from the clients and some other requests through a
proxy RADIUS server from the same clients.
   So, at the proxy server I have some Client clauses which categorize
the clients using different Client-Identifiers which are passed to the
final RADIUS server through the OSC-Client-Identifier attribute.
   The final RADIUS server has the same Client clauses, plus a clause
for the proxy RADIUS server in which I copy the OSC-Client-Identifier to
Client-Identifier (using a PreHandlerHook), in order to be able to pass
the requests through the same handlers which use the Client-Identifier
as a check item:

<Client ...>
# Proxy server as client
    PreHandlerHook file:"%D/ProxyClient.pl"

        my $p = ${$_[0]};
        my $client = $p->get_attr('OSC-Client-Identifier');

<Client ...>
    Identifier Client1

<Handler Client-Identifier=Client1>

So I want requests that follow the paths

Client1->Final RADIUS


Client1->proxy RADIUS->Final RADIUS

to be handled by the above Handler.

Is this a safe solution?

On 20/12/2017 1:35 μμ, Tuure Vartiainen wrote:
> Hi,
>> On 20 Dec 2017, at 8.27, Vangelis Kyriakakis <vkyriak at forthnet.gr> wrote:
>>    Is there a way to copy OSC-Client-Identifier which comes from a proxy
>> RADIATOR server to Client-Identifier using a PrehandlerHook at the final
>> RADIATOR server.
> Client-Identifier is Radius::Client object’s Identifier attribute’s value, 
> and is accessible through Radius::Radius request object in a following way
> $p->{Client}->{Identifier}
> You should not assign a value to it as $p->{Client} is a reference to 
> Radius::Client object from which the request was received and it would 
> overwrite that Client’s Identifier’s value.
> If you wan’t to unify usage of OSC-Client-Identifier attribute 
> and local Client-Identifier, you could add Client’s Identifier to 
> OSC-Client-Identifier attribute if the request does not have one.
> E.g.
> <Client ...>
>     Identifier SomeClient
>     ...
>     # Add Client’s Identifier to OSC-Client-Identifier
>     # if a request does not have one
>     AddToRequestIfNotExist OSC-Client-Identifier=%{Client:Identifier} 
> </Client>
> ...
> <Handler OSC-Client-Identifier=SomeClient>
>     ...
> </Handler>
> BR

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