[RADIATOR] Windows Client with EAP auth

Heikki Vatiainen hvn at open.com.au
Wed Sep 14 00:03:21 CDT 2016

On 10.9.2016 4.36, Kaiser gentrice wrote:

> We use Radiator as radius server, Windows as WiFi client,
> it looks like windows will use system name as radius’s username.
> Can radiator return a message to client to let windows user input their wifi login information instead of OS default name?

I don't think that is possible. The EAP client picks up a username and 
that's what is used for the authentication.

A solution could be to use, for example, Windows policies to configure 
the EAP client software to use the desired username.

If you don't have centralised management for this, you could search 
google for something like: windows eduroam peap, and create instructions 
for your users.

What you should watch out for are instructions that, for example, 
disable RADIUS server certificate checks. Instructions done by many 
eduroam sites have detailed guides for setting up Windows Wi-Fi 
authentication. These typically do not skip, but some do, this or any 
other important steps.

One other option might be a separate setup utility that creates the 
profile. Please let me know if you are interested in these, I can ask 
here about vendors our staff may know.


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