[RADIATOR] Radiator and Load Balancer

Barry Ard bard at ualberta.ca
Wed Jul 27 12:14:03 CDT 2016

We are running into some challenges configuring a new environment for

Recently we have moved away from 2 servers running multiple radiator
processes to a multiple VMs behind an F5 load balancer. This has been
working well for our wireless infrastructure but has been posing challenges
as we are trying to include our Eduroam config.

The F5 is NATing to the VMs. The VMs have 2 interfaces: eth0 is a private
address facing the F5, eth1 is a public address and is the default gateway.

I have created a test enviroment with an external radius server to simulate
Initially proxied requests would transit the VMs default gateway which I
think is undesriable so I created a static route for the external radius
server to force it out the load balancer facing interface. Now proxied
requests have a private address which of course will not work.

I think the desirable scenario would be for proxied requests to exit
through the F5 and be NAT’d to source from the F5 external address. My
colleague who admins the load balancer is hesitant to NAT externally using
an address that is currently listening on a service. He thinks this is
getting too complicated.

I am sure others are using a load balancer in this scenario so please tell
me what you are doing.



Barry Ard                                   barry.ard at ualberta.ca
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta   Canada
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