[RADIATOR] AuthBy External under Windows hangs

Heikki Vatiainen hvn at open.com.au
Fri Dec 16 13:51:28 UTC 2016

On 15.12.2016 20.59, Víktu Pons i Colomer wrote:

> The issue is that I see in the logs that it runs the script, but then it
> never returns to radiator, and the daemon will stop processing requests.
> Basically, it hangs waiting for the response of the script.
> I am running Server 2012 R2 with Strawberry Perl 5.18
> Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?

Thanks for reporting this. I think your approach is correct and this is 
a problem that shows on Windows platform and is caused by the way 
Radiator calls the script. After a quick look it might be that we need 
to change how the call is done on Windows to make it reliable.

My suggestion is to consider AuthBy INTERNAL and its hooks to process 
the request. You might even be able to do it more easily since you don't 
have to prepare an external script if you can do everything with a hook. 
See goodies/logformat.cfg for an example of how to create a module for 
the hooks. This might be useful if the hook starts to become large and 
it would be useful, for example, to split it in separate functions.

If you want to stay with AuthBy EXTERNAL, you should change to a 
unix-like host. There the current way of running external commands works 
better since it uses very unix-like methods for inter process 


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