[RADIATOR] tagged-string and tag0

Heikki Vatiainen hvn at open.com.au
Mon Mar 2 09:18:50 CST 2015

On 02/27/2015 04:07 PM, Tim Jones wrote:

> However when repacked being forwarded back to the client, Radiator adds
> a tag of 0x00 by default to untagged tagged-string attributes. This
> causes problems as 0 tag is undefined by RFC 2826 (only values 0x01
> through to 0x1f are valid tags), and also that the attribute now no
> longer matches what the client expects.

> Also, it still has an issue where if someone were to add a tagged-string
> attribute (in code or config) with a tag greater than 31 e.g. AddToReply
> Tunnel-client-Endpoint = "32:Whatever" will encode to 0x205768... which
> will unpack as " Whatever" (note the leading space) and cause errors
> again. But that's another issue :)

Hello Tim,

thanks for reporting both of these issues. We'll take a look at how to
handle tag value 0. Value 0 is often used and works with many devices,
but it's good to know that it might cause problems with some.

About the second issue, we'll take a look at this too. Decimal 32 is
SPACE in ascii, so that's where the leading space comes from, but lets
see what can be done to values 32 and greater.


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