[RADIATOR] Authby LDAP and Authby OTP

Joe Honnold Joe_Honnold at starkey.com
Tue Dec 22 08:38:42 CST 2015

Thanks for the reply.  I will give it a shot and see what happens.


On 12/22/15, 8:31 AM, "radiator-bounces at open.com.au on behalf of Heikki Vatiainen" <radiator-bounces at open.com.au on behalf of hvn at open.com.au> wrote:

>On 12/21/2015 05:23 AM, Joe Honnold wrote:
>> I am working on a project for sending users OTP’s to gain access.  I
>> would like to have users authenticate to AD and once accepted use Authby
>> OTP to generate a token and send it to the user via SMS.   The user
>> would then enter the OTP and gain access.
>> I have done a bit of researching and found a config that I am using as a
>> base.  http://www.van-sluis.nl/?p=345
>There is one major difference between the example config you were using
>and what you want to achieve: note that the example AuthBy LDAP2 had this:
>  # We don't do authentication. Authentication is done by OTP.
>  NoCheckPassword
>> The Authby LDAP2 in my config is working as expected but the Authby OTP
>> is not.  It is a bit confusing at this point as I am unsure how to debug
>> the Authby OTP failure to find the exact issue.
>I'd say the problem is that AuthBy OTP sees a password and thinks this
>is the OTP.
>> My expectation is that if the Authby OTP was working right a
>> one-password would be generated and the sent to the users mobile number
>> found in AD.
>> Any ideas where to start with this one?
>I think the authentication flow needs to be changed with something like
><AuthBy LDAP2>
>  # Add this, otherwise unchanged
>  PostAuthHook sub {my $p = ${$_[0]}; $p->{DecodedPassword} = '';}
><AuthBy OTP>
>   # Add this, otherwise unchanged
>   AddToReply State=otp-check
># New Handler goes here: Verify the OTP
><Handler State=otp-check>
><Handler Client-Identifier = juni-sslvpn>
> # Unchanged
>The idea is this:
>1) Request first hits the current Handler
>2) Once AuthBy LDAP2 is done, it clears the password
>3) AuthBy OTP sees the empty passwords and generates the OTP
>4) AuthBy OTP adds State in the Access-Challenge
>5) The Access-Request with OTP will now contain 'State=otp-check'
>request attribute
>6) The new Handler processes the request and does just the OTP verify
>Please note the above is untested, but I'd say it should match how the
>two phase authentication should go.
>Please let us know if the above helps,
>Heikki Vatiainen <hvn at open.com.au>
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