[RADIATOR] Hourly Authentication-Count Downward Spikes

Ullfig, Roberto Alfredo rullfig at uic.edu
Tue Aug 25 11:05:47 CDT 2015

Hi, thanks for the response but we're pretty sure now that these spikes represent students moving from class to class logging into different access points along the way.

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Hello Roberto -

This is almost always a problem with the backend authentication resource.

A trace 4 debug with LogMicroseconds (requires Time::HiRes from CPAN) will show you how long each processing step is taking.

What I generally see is Radiator waiting for an external resource and at some critical number of requests per second the UDP queue starts to fill up leading to timeouts and retransmissions.

Ie. if the external resource takes say 50 ms to respond, then it follows that at most you can process 20 requests per second - anything over that will lead to the problem I describe.

This is just one theory, but as I say, a trace 4 debug with LogMicroseconds will tell you where to look.



> On 25 Aug 2015, at 03:41, Ullfig, Roberto Alfredo <rullfig at uic.edu> wrote:
> Hello all,
> It’s the first day of classes here and we’re seeing hourly successful 
> authentication-count downward spikes starting around 5-10 minutes 
> before the hour – was wondering if any other people here see the same 
> thing in their environments and
> We’re looking at the number of successful authentications per 5 minutes. During the summer we would max out at 5K but there were no downward spikes. We are now hitting 30K (shortly before noon) and this span of perhaps 20 minutes.
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