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You did not answer my question. 

TACACS+ users use port 49 on radiator server.  But radiator server talks to Domain Controller to authenticate users. 

When radiator server talks to DC server, what protocol does it use?

Thank you.

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On 08/19/2015 07:45 PM, Qiu, Dennis wrote:

> We recently installed Windows updates on our domain controllers. Can you let me know what protocol Tacacs in radiator uses?

TACACS+ uses TCP between the TACACS+ client (switch, router, etc.) and
the TACACS+ server (Radiator). The default TCP port is 49.

> I see it uses RPC calls to domain controllers. 

This might be Radiator authenticating the TACACS+ users when they log in to the client devices. For example, AuthBy LSA could cause the traffic you see.


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