[RADIATOR] CoA-Request vs Change-Filter-Request in radpwtst

Heikki Vatiainen hvn at open.com.au
Thu Nov 13 03:30:12 CST 2014

On 13.11.2014 10.10, Vangelis Kyriakakis wrote:

>           I agree with Hugh. That would be a nice idea.

The synonyms would work with requests that originate from radpwtst or 
Radiator. When the request is packed, both names resolve to the same 
number but when the request is received, the number needs to be resolved 
to a name and then we'd need to choose either the new or the old name.

This is where it any existing code would need updates. The changes would 
be easy, though. Just change the old names to new names.

>           By the way is there a way to send CoA requests directly from
> radiator perl scripts (mainly from Nas perl scripts) without calling the
> radpwtst program?

You could create an <AuthBy RADIUS> clause that has an Identifier, 
preconfigured AuthPort, Host and any other information. The scripts 
would then use Radius::AuthGeneric::find($identifier) to get a handle to 
the this AuthBy RADIUS and call handle_request() to send the CoA message.

AuthBy RADIUS would then take care of retransmissions and could possibly 
call ReplyHook and NoReplyHook which could do any clean up that may be 


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