[RADIATOR] Load balancing EAP

Barry Ard bard at ualberta.ca
Thu Jun 19 23:26:22 CDT 2014

Hello Group,
I have been asked to investigate the possibility of using our F5 load
balancers in our wireless infrastructure. We currently have 2 large servers
and load balance using the EAPBalance handler. We currently allow the PEAP
and TTLS EAP types.

Our goals are:
1.  With multiple servers behind the load balancers we will be able to
remove one from use for maintenance without impacting service.
2. We also hope that we may be able to have a single SSL cert so that when
the next HeartBleed like event happens updating certs on 2 servers won't
have our user base freaking out.

Any incites or advice - or tell me I am stupid - is appreciated.



Barry Ard                                   barry.ard at ualberta.ca
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta   Canada
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