[RADIATOR] Preventing Computer/Machine Authentication in AuthBy NTLM

Michael Rodrigues mrodrigues at education.ucsb.edu
Fri Jun 13 13:46:20 CDT 2014

> The syntax in the link below and what you have has a small but important
> bug. Try something like this (notice the comma).:
> DEFAULT User-Name = /^mrodrigues$/i, Auth-Type = Reject:Blacklisted
> Otherwise it should go as Hugh wrote.
>> I tried implementing the solution here:
>> http://www.open.com.au/pipermail/radiator/2013-February/018882.html
>> But I can still authenticate as "Mrodrigues" when I have "DEFAULT
>> User-Name = /^mrodrigues$/i Auth-Type = Reject" in the users file. I did
>> also have the "DEFAULT Auth-Type = Accept" at the end. I tried changing
>> the default "Accept" to "Reject":
> I think it should go as in the example as soon as you have correctly
> separated the reply attributes with a comma.
> Thanks,
> Heikki
I was hoping it was something simple like a missing newline. It works 
with the comma, so I have the added advantage of being able to add 
arbitrary Reply attributes, as compared to the RewriteUsername to 
lowercase method. Thanks for your help on this; the list is always 
helpful, and I could spend all day tweaking Radiator.


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