[RADIATOR] AuthNTLM feature requests

Klara Mall klara.mall at kit.edu
Tue Aug 19 18:27:56 CDT 2014


I have two feature requests for AuthNTLM. I wrote patches for these
which work for me. But I'm not sure of what quality they are. ;) Both
are attached. All patches are against radiator 4.13 (latest patch

* ntlm_auth_prog-with-variables.patch:
This one is related to my last request. I need to use the variable
%{Handler:Identifier} in NtlmAuthProg (for group membership checks).
I noticed that I can't because %{...} was not substituted in
NtlmAuthProg statements. So I patched radiator. This is not in
production yet (as I was in trouble with the PEAP inner request
User-Name problem). But it works in my testing environment.

* ntlm-rewritefunction.patch:
This one is simply because I need a rewrite function for the inner
identity in PEAP/MSCHAP-V2 auth. It is in production since three
years or more and there was never a problem with it.

I would be very happy if this (or some better code with the desired
functionality) could be included in radiator.

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