[RADIATOR] Combining AuthSQLTOTP with other authication sources

Thomas Neumann tn_radiator at net-guru.org
Sun Aug 3 07:19:45 CDT 2014

I'd like to use AuthSQLTOTP (or maybe also AuthSQLHOTP for that matter)
in a way where the static password (PIN) is not stored in AuthSQLTOTP's
SQL table but is verified against another auth source, such as existing
Active Directory accounts checked by AuthLDAP2.

Any idea if/how that might work?

>From looking at the source I think it's currently not possible, even if
I were to chain Authby LDAP2 and Authby SQLTOTP in one handler and use
ContinueUntilReject or something like that, because Authby LDAP2 would
need to know that it must strip the OTP part of the password (say the
last six chars) before it checks the password against LDAP, and later on
Authby SQLTOTP would insist on having the user in its own SQL user table.

To solve this in the most flexible way would require a method of
stripping the OTP part (last N chars) from the password before it gets
handled by some other auth method (LDAP2 or anything else that can check
static passwords) and SQLTOTP would need to be modified to use its SQL
table for bookkeeping (per-user num of failed logins, brute-force
defense, ...) only, not as a primary source of usernames and static

Any idea on how to solve this?


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