[RADIATOR] <AuthLog SYSLOG> on Windows Server ?

Robert Fisher robert at sitestar.net
Mon Oct 28 13:08:18 CDT 2013

As I recall, the problem was with the Windows implementation of the 
which at least started as simply a perl wrapper to the unix syslog() 
library calls.

Both modules inherit from Sys::Syslog, so any issues experienced with 
one will
be seen by the other.

Though, as ActiveState now includes Sys::Syslog in their win32 and win64 
it might be possible to get this to work; although, the "rules of 
syslog" say to
avoid the setlogsock() call, which is conditionally called in both of 
these modules
as well, so...It's worth a test to see if the documentation can be updated.

Robert Fisher
Systems Administrator
Sitestar Internet Services

On 10/28/2013 11:54 AM, Johnson, Neil M wrote:
> Can you use <AuthLog SYSLOG> on Windows ?
> According to the Manual <Log SYSLOG> only works on UNIX systems, but 
> nothing is mentioned in the section of the manual for <AuthLog SYSLOG>.
> Thanks.
> -Neil
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