[RADIATOR] R: ERR: Unknown keyword 'AcctFailedLogFileName'

Vicaretti Vincenzo (Guest) vincenzo.vicaretti at guest.telecomitalia.it
Mon Mar 25 06:13:39 CDT 2013

But in radiator's reference manual (5.32.31) is indicated as a valid keyword:

The name of a files used to log failed Accounting-Request messages in the standard
radius accounting log format. If no reply is ever received from any of the remote hosts,
the accounting message will be logged to the named file. The log file format is described
in Section 15.5 on page 346. If no AcctFailedLogFileName is defined, failed accounting
messages will not be logged. The default is no logging. The file name can include spe-
cial formatting characters as described in Section 5.2 on page 20, which means that
using the %C, %c and %R specifiers, you can maintain separate accounting log files for
each Realm or Client or a combination. The AcctFailedLogFileName file is always
opened, written and closed for each failure, so you can safely rotate it at any time.

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you have "AcctFailedLogFileName" in your config - thats not a valid key word


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