[RADIATOR] SSL Error in PEAP conversation

Johnson, Neil M neil-johnson at uiowa.edu
Mon Sep 17 11:13:11 CDT 2012

Here's another trace excerpt... (Attached).

Neil Johnson
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On 9/17/12 11:01 AM, "Johnson, Neil M" <neil-johnson at uiowa.edu> wrote:

>Attached is an extract from the RADIUS log, where the user failed SSL
>We are running 4.9 with patches...
>Neil Johnson
>Network Engineer
>The University of Iowa
>Phone: 319 384-0938
>Fax: 319 335-2951
>Mobile: 319 540-2081
>E-Mail: neil-johnson at uiowa.edu
>On 9/14/12 3:42 PM, "Heikki Vatiainen" <hvn at open.com.au> wrote:
>>On 09/14/2012 07:16 PM, Johnson, Neil M wrote:
>>> I have a wireless user who a few times a day gets asked to re-enter his
>>> credentials on his windows 7 system.  After he re-enters his
>>> he reconnects fine.  I look in the RADIUS logs and see:
>>> Mon Sep 10 17:06:58 2012 757006: ERR: EAP PEAP TLS Handshake
>>> unsuccessful:  4076: 1 - error:14094417:SSL
>>> routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert illegal parameter
>>> I don't have any more verbose logging at this time (The user is out of
>>> the office this week), but I was wondering if anyone else had seen this
>>> error message before.
>>I have seen that just a couple of times but certainly not very often.
>>Trace 4 log would be useful to see what happens during the TLS tunnel
>>There's one PEAP related fix in 4.10 patches. What you see may be
>>related to PEAP fast reconnect aka session resumption. The patch fixes
>>problems with windows clients.
>>The problem does not cause the error you are seeing so it may be related
>>to some other client. However, if you can apply the patch, it might be
>>worth trying.
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