[RADIATOR] Proxying to a RADIUS server before doing EAP

Kristof V. dieselpinball at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 03:15:40 CDT 2012


I'm fairly new to Radiator and I'm trying the following scenario with

On receival of the first Access-Request (containing the first EAP message),
I want to contact another RADIUS server (server X) before initiating EAP.
The reason for this callflow is that I need the result of this other server
to decide wheter EAP should be started or not.

Also, in theory I'm not really "proxying" the initial request to server X,
but I only seem to find the "AuthBy RADIUS" method to contact another
server, which just proxies the request. Because server X can't handle EAP,
I'd have to strip the EAP attributes from the request, which confuses the
EAP logic that follows.

 I've tried a couple of configurations, which include AuthBy GROUP, using
ReplyHooks, ... , but I can't seem to find anything that works. Maybe I'm
just missing something? Anyone has any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

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