[RADIATOR] eap auth against active directory

James Zee jameszee13 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 13:05:16 CDT 2012


I had previously responded to the thread with the requested information,
but the email response was too large and seems to have gotten lost in the
mailing list approval process.

I've pasted the requested information here:


It's worth noting I've made some progress. The link below has the requested
information (new configuration file) where a username beginning with "host"
is immediately proxied to NPS.


I feel I'm getting closer.

Two questions:

(a) is anything wrong with this machine authentication handler or does it
look like the correct way to proxy these sorts of requests?

(b) is there a way to force Radiator to log information about the RADIUS
request even though we're proxying it via RADIUS to NPS?

I'm still not having luck with machine-based authentication, but I believe
this may be a configuration issue on NPS.

Thoughts appreciated.

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