Ricardo Martinez rmartinez at redvoiss.net
Mon Nov 19 14:47:44 CST 2012

I’m doing 3 or even 4 querys for each one and keeps connecting to the mySQL
server and not doing the BackOff.

The Timeout parameter seems to be very clear about the behavior :

*5.31.4 Timeout*

This optional parameter specifies a timeout interval in seconds that
Radiator will wait

for when trying to contact the SQL server specified by DBAuth. If the
server does not

respond within the Timeout period, Radiator will consider the SQL server to
be failed,

and will stop trying to contact the SQL server until the FailureBackoffTime
is expired.

Defaults to 60 seconds.

Question : When it says “…Radiator will wait for when trying to contact the
SQL server…” this means that a *select* is a CONTACT???

So, I don’t understand why the Radiator is not doing the Backoff.

Any ideas?

<Handler NAS-IP-Address =, Service-Type = SIP-Caller-AVPs>

        Identifier AuthFailover

        RewriteUsername s/^([^@]+).*/$1/

        <AuthBy GROUP>

                AuthByPolicy ContinueUntilAccept

                <AuthBy SQL>

                        DBSource        dbi:mysql:prueba:

                        DBUsername      radius

                        DBAuth          radiator

                        Timeout         2

                        FailureBackoffTime      60

                        SQLRetries      1

                        AuthSelect call DELAYREQ;

                        AuthColumnDef 0, SIP-AVP, reply


                <AuthBy FILE>

                        Filename /usr/src/Radiator-4.9/users_tranum




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