[RADIATOR] Radiator User Traffic Accounting from Smart Switch

Jeff Kaminski jeff at ITpeer.com
Fri Jul 20 10:49:43 CDT 2012

We at Urban Networks have Radiator up and running on CentOS, as well as the built in ServerHTTP.


In particular, we are interested in traffic accounting for users on Urban's network that do not need Radius authentication. We just
need to collect their traffic usage for billing.


I am currently setting up the /etc/radiator/radius.cfg file and can create users. What I now need to know is how to collect IP
traffic accounting information for a particular user that is on a particular port on a smart switch. This Radius accounting
information then needs to be forwarded on to a Platypus 7 server that handles user account billing.


To summarize, The user is already attached to Urban's network and has full Internet access. We just want to track their traffic
usage.  Something like the number of Megabytes in and out of the port on the switch that they are on per hour - or something like


So Radiator needs to map the user to the switch and port, and then track port statistics.



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