[RADIATOR] Multi-Line Handler issues with 4.10

Aaron Holtz aholtz at bright.net
Mon Jul 2 13:47:07 CDT 2012

Hello - I've noticed with 4.10 that you can no longer have multi-line 
Handler statements.

Under 4.9 something like this loads properly:

<Handler Called-Station-Id=/(7103925369|7105941010|\
4444563974|4445690321|3335774198)/, CHAP-Password=/[\w]+/>

Under 4.10 I'm getting:

Sun Jul  1 13:27:43 2012: ERR: Unknown keyword '<Handler' in 
/etc/raddb/test.cfg line 6

Is this a bug?  We have a fairly complex config file with several 
multi-line handlers and upgrading to 4.10 isn't going to be possible 
without having some seriously long Handler statements.


Aaron Holtz <aholtz at bright.net>
Com Net, Inc.

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