[RADIATOR] Code and config changes without restart?

Jared Watkins JWatkins at acninc.com
Thu Dec 29 19:36:06 CST 2011

I'm using an external file for testing some hook code and I'm wondering if that is only loaded at startup or if it would be reloaded from disk if the file changes?  If not.. how difficult would that be to add?  I'll admit I've not spent much time going through the unencrypted portions of your server. 

I'm also looking at using memcached for another part of this project and I'd like use it here for propagating runtime config changes into the running radius server. It would need a persistent connection opened by the main daemon similar to a db connection.. for frequent 'get' operations by the hook code.  Thoughts on that? 

The point of all this is to have to shutdown the radius server as little as possible once it's in production.  I'll be looking at other ways of ensuring a listener is always available of course.. but these things would make that easier to manage. 


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