Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Thu Jul 2 17:43:12 CDT 2009

Hello Jamie -

Yes you can configure Radiator to send RADIUS requests to a AAA server.

You would use the AuthBy RADIUS clause for this purpose.

See section 5.30 in the Radiator 4.4 reference manual ("doc/ref.pdf").

BTW - when you are talking to Rodopi could you please ask them what  
API they support for direct integration instead of ODBC?



On 2 Jul 2009, at 22:18, Jamie Orzechowski wrote:

> I am a long time Radiator user and a long time RODOPI User (which
> radiator fully supports).
> We are planning on upgrading to version 5.7 of RODOPI and they say
> after version 5.5 RODOPI drops ODBC connectivity which is how Radiator
> is currently configured.
> RODOPI asked if Radiator can be configured for AAA.  I am fairly
> positive it can be but can someone please let me know if this is
> possible.
> Thanks!
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Have you read the reference manual ("doc/ref.html")?
Have you searched the mailing list archive (www.open.com.au/archives/radiator)?
Have you had a quick look on Google (www.google.com)?
Have you included a copy of your configuration file (no secrets),
together with a trace 4 debug showing what is happening?
Have you checked the RadiusExpert wiki:

Radiator: the most portable, flexible and configurable RADIUS server
anywhere. Available on *NIX, *BSD, Windows, MacOS X.
Includes support for reliable RADIUS transport (RadSec),
and DIAMETER translation agent.
Nets: internetwork inventory and management - graphical, extensible,
flexible with hardware, software, platform and database independence.
CATool: Private Certificate Authority for Unix and Unix-like systems.

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