[RADIATOR] RADIUS limit on accounting data

Joe Hughes joeyconcrete at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 03:45:29 CST 2009

We use Cisco kit and, like you, I discovered the same issue early on!
I use 'gigawords-hook.pl' which sorts it out for you.

PreClientHook file:"%D/gigawords-hook.pl"

2009/1/9 Michael Harlow <Michael.Harlow at utas.edu.au>:
> Hi,
> I've struck an issue with my accounting data, where it wraps. Initially the database refused the INSERT  once it exceeded a signed 4-byte integer (2Gb). I changed the database to bigint, and so it can now handle 8-byte integers. Now however it wraps at unsigned 4-byte integer (4G). I've traced it down to the value in the RADIUS packet coming into Radiator. My NAS is doing the wrap.
> Before I hassle the vendor (Cisco WiSM), does the RADIUS protocol allow for a larger accounting attribute, or does all NAS have this 4G limit?

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