[RADIATOR] preClientHook problem using ClientListSQL from version 3.15 to version 4.3.1

Dario Aguilar daguilar at arnet.net.ar
Wed Jan 7 11:55:20 CST 2009

Hi, first of all I want to clarify that I am a new user of Radiator and my
knowledge of Perl language is very poor. We are trying to move from version
3.15 to 4.3.1 and some problems a problem appered to us with the old Global
"preClientHook" statement in the new version. How should I call
PreClientHook.cfg to work in using ClientListSQL ?. I´ve already finish
reading the revision history of versions 4.3 and 4.3.1 and the reference
manual but I still have very clear how to implement this in our server. 

Our radius.conf looks something like this: 
        DBSource                dbi:Oracle:%{GlobalVar:DBInstance} 
        DBUsername              %{GlobalVar:DBUsername} 
        DBAuth                  %{GlobalVar:DBAuth} 
        DBSource                dbi:Oracle:%{GlobalVar:DBInstance} 
        DBUsername              %{GlobalVar:DBUsername} 
        DBAuth                  %{GlobalVar:DBAuth} 
        GetClientQuery          SELECT nas_ip_address,secret from
tbl_radclient WHERE nas_ip_address IS NOT NULL and secret IS NOT NULL 
        RefreshPeriod           3600 
        Timeout                 2 
        FailureBackoffTime      0 
        ConnectionHook file:"%D/ConnectionHook.cfg" 

PreClientHook file:"%D/PreClientHook.cfg" 


sub { 
        my $p=${$_[0]}; 
        my $nasip=$p->get_attr('NAS-IP-Address'); 
        my $ip=&Radius::Util::format_special('%c', $p); 
        my $nasport=$p->get_attr('NAS-Port'); 
        my $callid=$p->get_attr('Calling-Station-Id'); 

        &main::log($main::LOG_DEBUG,'Into PreClientHook'); 
        &main::log($main::LOG_DEBUG,"NASIP=[$nasip] NASPORT=[$nasport]
SOURCE_IP=[$ip] CallId=[$callid]"); 
         if($ip ne '' and $ip ne '') { 
                $p->change_attr('NAS-IP-Address',$ip) if $nasip ne $ip; 

        $p->add_attr('NAS-Port',$callid) unless defined $nasport; 
        if ($p->code eq 'Accounting-Request' &&
$p->get_attr('Acct-Status-Type') eq 'Stop') { 
                my %ascend2ietf = ( 
                        'remoteEndHungup'       => 'User-Request', 
                        'pppRcvTerminate'       => 'User-Request', 
                        'sessTimeOut'           => 'Session-Timeout', 
                        '240'                   => 'Host-Request', 

                my $ascend_disconnect_cause =
                if($ascend_disconnect_cause) { 
                        my $newval=$ascend2ietf{$ascend_disconnect_cause}; 
                                unless defined $newval; 
                        $p->change_attr('Acct-Terminate-Cause', $newval); 

Dario Aguilar

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