[RADIATOR] Strange behavior with %J

Jose Borges Ferreira underspell at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 09:05:04 CST 2009

According to the manual %J should give  "The Timestamp in another common SQL
date time format: 2003-09-12 15:48:00"

I'm doing


and getting

2009-01- 5 14:00:00;Stop;xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I should get a leading 0 in the day!

But according to the source %J is returning Radius::Util::strftime('%Y-%m-%e
%H:%M:%S', $ptime) . Is this correct ou should be
Radius::Util::strftime('%Y-%m-*%d* %H:%M:%S', $ptime) ?

José Borges Ferreira

Eddie Izzard  - "I grew up in Europe, where the history comes from."
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