(RADIATOR) EAP inner identity hook

Andrew D. Clark adc at umn.edu
Thu May 22 13:48:39 CDT 2008

I'm getting user sessions and accounting information showing the EAP anonymous 
identity from my NAS when using EAP-PEAP.  My vendor suggested sending the 
inner username (the "real" one) in the access-accept.  I tried using the 
contributed hook 'eap_acct_username.pl' without success.  I modified the hook 
slightly to copy the inner username to the access-accept message, but 
might've done so in a bad way (it works, but is it correct?)

sub {
        my ($req, $rep, $handled, $reason) = @_;

        if (${$rep}->code() eq 'Access-Accept' ) {

   		my $inner_identity = ${$req}->{rp}{inner_identity};

        	 ${$rep}->changeUserName($inner_identity) if defined $inner_identity;

Is there a defined method for grabbing the inner_identity other than ripping 
it out of the guts of the poor request object?

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