(RADIATOR) no timeout on database query

Ruud Besseling ruudb at kpn.net
Mon Jan 21 03:39:00 CST 2008


We use a mysql database to save all accounting data. Normally when the 
database is not available the insert query
times out, the data is saved in a local file and radiator is ready for 
the next request.

However, when the network interface of the database server is going down
unexpectedly, the timeout does not occur
and radiator hangs.

Has anyone experienced the same problems and -more important- does 
anyone have a solution?

We are using Radiator 3.13, MySQL 5.0.41, DBI 1.6 and DBD 4.005
We use several servers and on each server there are several accounting 
radius processes running.

<AuthBy SQL>
        Identifier              SQLlog_0

        DBSource                dbi:mysql:host=host;database=database
        DBUsername              %{GlobalVar:DBuser}
        DBAuth                  %{GlobalVar:DBpass}
        Timeout                 3
        FailureBackoffTime      60


        AcctInsertQuery         replace into %0 (%1) values (%2)

        AccountingTable         %{GlobalVar:TableName}
        AcctColumnDef           USERNAME,User-Name
        AcctColumnDef           CLASS,Class
        AcctColumnDef           ACCTSTATUSTYPE,Acct-Status-Type
        AcctFailedLogFileName   %L/data/failed-%{Server:BindAddress}.log

kind regards,
Ruud Besseling

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