(RADIATOR) Radiator 3.17.1-20070902 broken by Net-SSLeay 1.32?

Mike McCauley mikem at open.com.au
Thu Sep 27 02:27:45 CDT 2007

Hello Robin,

thanks for reporting this.

We have not been able to reproduce any problems with keys and Net-SSLeay 1.32 
on any platform including Solaris.

I suspect that your problem will be due to multiple conflicting versions of 
Net-SSLeay and/or openssl being installed on the compile and/or target hosts.

eg openssl installed in both /usr and /usr/local, and one being used to 
compile Net-SSLeay and the other at run time. Something like that.

Like you I dont see any changes in 1.32 that should be relevant.

If you continue to have a problem after eliminating that, will you please post 
your configuration file and log file at trace level 4 to the list?


On Wednesday 26 September 2007 03:32, Robin Breathe wrote:
> It seems that the latest release of Net-SSLeay, version 1.32, breaks the
> Radiator 3.17.1 (with the patches to 2007/09/02) PEAP/TTLS exchange.
> While authentication is successful and Radiator sends the normal
> Access-Accept, etc., the returned MPPE key appears to be garbled and is
> rejected upstream. I don't see any errors logged running at Trace 4.
> Net-SSLeay-1.30 works without issue. All with perl-5.8.8 running under
> Solaris 10 serving Cisco 1100-series APs.
> Nothing springs out at me from the changelog:
>   http://search.cpan.org/src/FLORA/Net-SSLeay-1.32/Changes
> Ideas?
> Robin

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