(RADIATOR) accounting problem

Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Tue Dec 25 01:34:24 CST 2007

Hello Hadi -

I will need to see a copy of your configuration file and a trace 4  
debug from Radiator showing what is going on.

Could you also please tell me the name of the registered company that  
has purchased this copy of Radiator?

BTW - it is usually slow database response that causes performance  
problems, and the best way to see exactly what is going on is to add  
a microseconds log.

Ie: add something like the following to your Radiator configuration file

# microseconds log
# NB - requires Time-Hires from CPAN

<Log FILE>
	Filename %L/microseconds-log-%Y-%m-%d
	Trace 4

See section 5.11 in the Radiator 3.17.1 reference manual.

A fairly simple way to improve things (usually) is to run twon  
instances of Radiator: one for authentication and the other for  

This is quite simple to do with one configuration file and parameters  
passed in on the command line.



On 25 Dec 2007, at 00:08, Hadi Unal AKYOL wrote:

> hi,
> I have radius performance problem that my radius servers sometimes  
> gives bad response based on the volume of the traffic and this bad  
> responses are caused accounting problem. When I deeply investigate  
> my problem, I did check my servers cpu, memory, ethernet parameter  
> several times and I didn’t find anything about my problem.  
> According to my investigation, I’m suspecting the radius  
> application itself, so Is there way to see  why radius server give  
> bad response and cause accounting problems?
> Thanks
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Have you read the reference manual ("doc/ref.html")?
Have you searched the mailing list archive (www.open.com.au/archives/ 
Have you had a quick look on Google (www.google.com)?
Have you included a copy of your configuration file (no secrets),
together with a trace 4 debug showing what is happening?
Have you checked the RadiusExpert wiki:

Radiator: the most portable, flexible and configurable RADIUS server
anywhere. Available on *NIX, *BSD, Windows, MacOS X.
Includes support for reliable RADIUS transport (RadSec),
and DIAMETER translation agent.
Nets: internetwork inventory and management - graphical, extensible,
flexible with hardware, software, platform and database independence.
CATool: Private Certificate Authority for Unix and Unix-like systems.

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