(RADIATOR) Call for beta testers

Mike McCauley mikem at open.com.au
Mon Dec 17 18:09:50 CST 2007

Hello All,

We will shortly be releasing a beta version of Radiator 4.0, and this is a 
request for interested beta testers.

Radiator 4.0 contains a number of new features, the most significant being:

1. New web-based GUI that allows complete configuring, monitoring, saving 
config files with a direct HTTP or HTTPS connection to Radiator. It includes 
features such a log viewers, config editors, server resetting, online 
documentation etc.

2. Support for WiMAX attributes and a new AuthBy WIMAX module that handles 
WiMAX authentication, mobility key generation and caching, dhcp key 
generation etc.

3. AuthBy FIDELIO module for integrating with Micros-Fidelio Opera hotel 
property management systems. This has not yet received certification from 
Micros-Fidelio, but certification should be achieved soon.

If you are current licensee and are willing and able to:
a. Download, install and test the new 4.0 tarball, with special attention to 
testing one or more of the above features. 

b. Provide us with feedback, bug reports, suggestions etc within a short 
period of time (at most 10 days), with special attention to testing one or 
more of the above features. 

then please contact me directly.


Mike McCauley                               mikem at open.com.au
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Radiator: the most portable, flexible and configurable RADIUS server 
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Platypus, Freeside, TACACS+, PAM, external, Active Directory, EAP, TLS, 
TTLS, PEAP etc on Unix, Windows, MacOS, NetWare etc.

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