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Kon Georgopoulos (Alphawest) Kon.Georgopoulos at optus.com.au
Tue Dec 4 14:38:15 CST 2007

Ok, I gave it a go.
RewriteUsername s/^(.*)\@(.*)\@(.*)/$1\@$3/
(this should match any user1 at realm2@realm1 and rewrite as user1 at realm1)
Also taking it the exteme:

RewriteUsername s/^(.*)\@(.*)\@(.*)\@(.*)/$1\@$4/
(this should match any user1 at realm2@realm3 at realm1 and rewrite as user1 at realm1)
Any comments?

From: Kon Georgopoulos (Alphawest)
Sent: Wed 05/12/2007 7:34 AM
To: radiator at open.com.au; hugh at open.com.au
Subject: RewriteUsername

We have an issue wherer users can type in for example user1 at realm2@realm1 and be allowed to authenicated into the realm1 with the user1 from realm2's account.
Would the best approach to this be to make use of RewriteUsername to correcltty format? I could strip out the first name before the first @ and user the realm after the last @.
So are there any regular expression GURUs?
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