(RADIATOR) Tacacs spawning extra processes

Matt mnaismith at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 18:56:31 CDT 2007


I'm running Radiator 3.16 in a FreeBSD 6.1 Jail.   I'm using
ServerTACACSPLUS with a bunch of Cisco routers doing Tacacs auth.  All seems
to work well except for a few times a day, a new Radiator process is spawned
running as operator.   Over time, more and more are spawned chewing up more
and more memory.  If this goes unchecked the systems resources are starved
and things go rapidly down hill.

My config is very basic, based on the goodies example.

Our second server configured in much the same way does not behave in this

Really the main difference between the two servers is what routers are
Authing too them.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Matt Naismith
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