(RADIATOR) LDAP problem 3.14->3.15

R.H.Hoek r.h.hoek at utwente.nl
Wed Sep 20 09:32:51 CDT 2006


Since our upgrade from 3.14 to 3.15 we have problems with one of our LDAP-connections.
With 3.14 all was working fine. I have installed the latest patches.

The error message is:

Wed Sep 20 00:01:37 2006: DEBUG: Handling with Radius::AuthLDAP2: nixxieldaptestacc
Wed Sep 20 00:01:37 2006: INFO: Connecting to
Wed Sep 20 00:01:37 2006: INFO: Attempting to bind to LDAP server
Wed Sep 20 00:01:37 2006: ERR: Could not bind connection with , , error: LDAP_INAPPROPRIATE_AUTH (server
Wed Sep 20 00:01:37 2006: ERR: Backing off from for 600 seconds.

The corresponding config is:
<AuthBy LDAP2>
        Identifier nixxieldaptestacc
        Version 3
        BaseDN ou=Pers, ou=NonP ,o=nixxie
        Scope subtree
        SearchFilter cn=%1
        SSLVerify none

All other LDAP connection don't have problems. These connections all use AuthDN and don't use SSL.

How to solve this problem?



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