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Daniel Harris Daniel_Harris at onlres.com
Sun Jul 16 21:15:11 CDT 2006

I am not sure if this question has been asked it may have been and I missed
it on the archive, but, we are using Radiator and have no problems with
LDAP2 up until now. We are migrating to Win2K3 Server R2, and need to be
able to check if a users and/or groups are part of a specific group. Just to
clarify, say that I have a Group called Radius Users. And instead of putting
all users into that group, I want to put already created groups that contain
these Users into the "Radius" group. When we query "Radius" group with LDAP,
it returns what users and groups are a part of that group. But if you query
a User, it won't tell you that user is a part of the "Radius" group. It will
tell you the group that is nested in the Radius group but that's where it

Is there a way that LDAP can check Nested groups? We have not really found
anything on the Internet that says either Yes or No. And our other
alternative is to use "ntlm_auth". We would prefer to use LDAP2 for Radius.

Appreciate any help or clarification. Thanks.
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