(RADIATOR) Unable to get AcctFailedLogFileName working

Premkumar premkumar at viewqwest.com
Thu Jul 6 01:45:22 CDT 2006


  I am trying to get radius to write accounting records to a file when
it is not able to contact my MySQL server. My cisco device sends the
accounting records to radius which in turn writes to my MySQL database.
Everything works fine as long as the database server is reachable. Once
I break the link to my database server (I do this my blocking the path
from radius server to DB server at my firewall) I notice that the radius
server just stops at the last successful MySQL Insert in the log files.
Even after 10 minutess nothing gets written to the Failed-log-file. Once
the connection to the DB server is resumed, the radius server starts to
write again to the DB after a minute or two. So all the accounting
records during this gap is lost. 

  I have googled as much I can and so far am not able to find anything
that can help. I have posted my sql.cfg file for reference. Maybe
someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.


Thanks in advance








LogDir          .

DbDir           .


AuthPort        XXXX

AcctPort        XXXX


Trace   4



        Secret  ***********

        DupInterval 0



<Client XX.XX.XX.XX>

        Secret ************

        DupInterval 0






<AuthBy SQL>


        DBSource        dbi:mysql:*************

        DBUsername      ************

        DBAuth             *************




        AccountingTable ACCOUNTING


        AcctColumnDef   USERNAME,User-Name

        AcctColumnDef   TIME_STAMP,Timestamp,integer

        AcctColumnDef   ACCTDELAYTIME,Acct-Delay-Time,integer

        AcctColumnDef   ACCTSESSIONID,Acct-Session-Id

        AcctColumnDef   ACCTSESSIONTIME,Acct-Session-Time,integer

        AcctColumnDef   ACCTTERMINATECAUSE,cisco-h323-disconnect-cause

        AcctColumnDef   DISCONNECTCAUSE,cisco-h323-disconnect-cause

        AcctColumnDef   NASIDENTIFIER,NAS-IP-Address

        AcctColumnDef   REMOTEADDRESS,cisco-h323-remote-address

        AcctColumnDef   CALLEDNO,Called-Station-Id


        AcctInsertQuery insert into ****************


        AcctFailedLogFileName FailLog



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