(RADIATOR) multiple reply of the same attribute - SIP-AVP

Rosario Pingaro rpingar at nesec.it
Tue Dec 26 16:06:13 CST 2006

We would like to use radiator to exctract from a db the AVPs for our SIP customers.

The problem is that for each username I have multiple AVPs, each AVP is stored in a different records.
So radiator should reply with a number of reply attributes SIP-AVP equal to the records presnt into the db.

But now I get only one attribute, the first it founds. 

this is my handler:
<Handler Service-Type=SIP-Callee-AVPs>

        PreAuthHook file:"/etc/radiator/user_domain.pl"

        AuthByPolicy ContinueWhileIgnore

        <AuthBy SQL>
                DBSource        dbi:mysql:ser:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
                DBUsername      ser
                DBAuth          ser
                AuthSelect select value from usr_preferences where username='%{CheckGroup-User}' and domain='voiptest.\

                AuthColumnDef 0, SIP-AVP, reply


        <AuthBy INTERNAL>
                DefaultResult REJECT


How to improve my config to get what I need??


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