(RADIATOR) AuthBy SQL but proxy the accounting to another RADIUS

Sauli Pahlman spahlman at cc.hut.fi
Mon Dec 18 11:07:20 CST 2006

Hi all,

I would like to authenticate users using a local SQL database. Okay,  
that is easy. At the same time I would like to proxy/forward the  
accounting messages to another RADIUS server but still record all the  
forwarded accounting data to the local SQL database.

I am using the following config, but something goes wrong:

<Handler ...>
	AuthByPolicy ContinueAlways
         <AuthBy RADIUS>
                 AuthPort        ...
                 AcctPort        ...
                 Host            ...
                 Secret          ...
         <AuthBy SQL>
                 DBSource ...
                 DBUsername ...
                 DBAuth ...
                 AuthSelect ...

All advices are appreciated. Many thanks,


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