(RADIATOR) Support for Micros-Fidelio Property Management Systems added

Mike McCauley mikem at open.com.au
Mon Dec 11 20:31:40 CST 2006

We are please to announce the release of alpha support for Micros-Fidelio 
Property Management Systems (PMS).

Micros-Fidelio PMS is one of the most widely used property managment systems 
in hotels, restaurants etc, and the new AuthBy FIDELIO module can be used to 
authenticate from and post accounting to a Micros-Fidelio PMS compatible 
system. Connection to PMS by RS232 serial port is supported.

The default behavior is to authenticate using the guest's Room Number and 
Guest Number as credentials (configurable). Accounting Stops are inserted 
into the Fidelio database with Posting Simple messages, and with the cost 
computed according to a configurable algorithm. This is therefore compatible 
with ChilliSpot and other wireless systems supported by Radiator.

With this new support, system integrators and engineers can build hotspot and 
guest wireless and broadband services for direct billing to one of the most 
widely used hotel management and billing systems in the world.

The new support is included in the latest Radiator 3.16 patch set, along with 
sample configuration file and a Micros-Fidelio PMS server simulator for 

We welcome testers of this module with feedback and issues direct to me.


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