(RADIATOR) Accessing pool from CheckPoolQuery

Andrew Stevenson andrews at ntt.net.au
Wed Feb 25 23:46:06 CST 2004

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, Hugh Irvine wrote:

> You can either specify multiple pools in the AddressAllocator SQL
> clause, or you can specify multiple AddressAllocator SQL clauses.
> Have a look at the code in "Radius/AddressAllocatorSQL.pm".

I've patched AddressAllocatorSQL.pm to pass the pool to AllocateQuery and
CheckPoolQuery but obtaining the pool in DeallocateQuery is prooving
awkward. It seems I either need to find some way of storing the pool id in
the session table so I can find which pool the IP address needs returning
in or to have an AddressAllocator for every pool (identical expect the
pool hardcoded in some SQL statements).

Am I misunderstanding? I'm not quite sure I understand your


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