(RADIATOR) Logfile

DUFOUR Geoffrey Geoffrey.DUFOUR at staff.win.be
Fri Feb 13 08:42:23 CST 2004


I am running two Radiator instances on the same host (one for
authentication and one for accounting) with the same configuration file.

I am using a global variable for the AUTH SQL DBSource parameter to
allow the instances to access different databases.

Do you see any problems with using the same logfile for both instances ?

By the way I noticed that under heavy load the total used memory of my
server is increasing constantly (up to 98% and some swap) when log is
enable (trace 4).

Most of the memory is freed when I delete the logfile.

I am not a Linux specialist, so can you tell me more about that ?

Environment :

RH Linux 8 + MySQL 4.0.17 + Radiator 3.8.
Xeon 1GB RAM


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