(RADIATOR) IPV6 support added

Wim Biemolt Wim.Biemolt at surfnet.nl
Wed Feb 11 08:29:22 CST 2004

On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 04:40:06PM +1100, Mike McCauley wrote:

> we have recently added support for Radius over IPV6 to Radiator.
> Radiator an now listen for Radius requests over IPV6.
> It can proxy requests over IPV6.
> Radpwtst can send requests over IPV6.
> A number of files have been affected, and the complete patch set is now 
> available in the Radiator 3.8 patches area.
> Pls inform me of any issues or problems directly.

Cool :) I wanted to upgrade our servers asap. But ran into at least
one issue. I have something configured like ....

<Client ipv4-only.surfnet.nl>
        Secret  *****

Which worked fine. Until I applied the latest patches. The server
now "complains" ....

NOTICE: Request from unknown client ipv6:::ffff:w.x.y.z: ignored

Where w.x.y.z is the IPv4 address which belongs to the DNS name
ipv4-only.surfnet.nl which only has an IPv4 address attached to
it in DNS. I would thus expect it would be treated exactly the
same way before I applied the latest patches. But it isn't :(
Could this issue be solved? I'm using FreeBSD 4.9 at the moment
in combination with perl-5.8.2_2 and p5-Socket6-0.14.


-Wim -/- SURFnet
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