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Peter Cederstrand Peter.Cederstrand at tietoenator.com
Tue Feb 10 10:34:21 CST 2004

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Hi Hugh, Mike and all. Long time no seen ;-)

Multiple instances again but different ;-)

We are doing some rework on the old project you help us with a couple of years

To ease up the migration of all equipment/new configs and not disturb all
virtual ISPs we are thinking of using a temporary proxyradius config-file
running as multiple instance in the proxyradius.

We are well aware that we need a multiple instance and different portnumbers
for the listening Auth and Acc requests from the NASs. But we can't find any
information in ref-manual nor forum-archive what about the 
transmitting/proxying ports towards the ISPs radiusservers.

Here the request goes out to the ISPs and the proxyradius waits for answer. As
we want not to disturb the ISPs with a temporary use of some new ports we
want to use the same "transmitports" for this secondary instance as for the
first one.

It would in theory be possible for the proxyradius to "know" when the answers
arrives to which instance the answer belongs, because just one of them waits
for an answer with the wright sessionid?

(As you now we run this in a BSDi environment on Compaq DL380s)

Is this OK or do I really have to use new portnumbers here also?

The setup with some portnumbers as example:

                 Auth Req-->                            <--Auth Reply
   NAS's --------------------ProxyRadius--------------------vISP's

  1st inst  
              auth 1647                               auth 1812
              acc  1648                               acc  1813

  2nd inst
               auth 1643                              auth 1812
               acc  1644                              acc  1813

   Regards /Peter

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