(RADIATOR) Session Database.

Wesley Hof wesleyh at staf.planetinternet.be
Tue Feb 10 05:54:56 CST 2004

Hi List,

I have a question about the session databases.

We want to set a limit on the max. sessions / user, therefor we use
the sessiondatabase.

Now, I have 2 machines. One for accouning, one for authentication.

My question, where should I put the SessionDatabase clause in ? The auth config
or the acct config. I tried it in the auth config, but it seems not te be working.

When I add the exact same syntax in the acct config, de Session Mysql Database gets filled up.
Wich is correct.

I thought session/MaxSessions/etc ... where handled by the auth part, and not by the accounting part.
but why does the insert in the mysql works in the accounting config, and not in the authentication
config, and the syntax is exact the same.

Kind Regards,

(o_  Wesley Hof
//\  UNIX System Engineer
V_/_ UNInet ))) A Scarlet Company
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